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Unique Travel Destination around Sukabumi Regency

Halimun Salak Mountain National Park

With the concept of the natural attractions of Mount Halimun Salak National Park, you can make it one of the family recreation spots in Sukabumi. National Park with an area of ​​113,357 acres is located on Jalan Raya Cipanas District Sukabumi Kabandungan. In the park, the air is very cool and the trees thrive there. In addition to the National Park area, there are also various types of waterfalls that you can enjoy with your family.

Buniayu Cave

This natural attractions can be visited with family, friends or spouses who love you. Buniayu Cave itself is located in the village Kertaangsa Nyalinding District Sukabumi. In the cave you will be offered a truly exceptional view. For cave tickets are also very cheap that is 15000 rupiah per person. The price is completed with the necessary safety equipment.
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Cikembang Beach

Located in the Cisolok Sukabumi District, the landscape and natural scenery on Cikembang Beach are no less beautiful with other beaches in Sukabumi. Together with friends or family members, you can go on a holiday to play water and swim on this very comfortable and quiet beach. Cikembang Beach itself includes a new beach in Sukabumi that is not well known. So if you need peace, the beach Cikembang Sukabumi as an alternative beach in Sukabumi visit, you have to visit.

Waterfall Cigangsa

Nature Tourism spots 110 kilometers from the center of Sukabumi is located in Batusuhunan village Surade village Surade Sukabumi district. In recent months, the name of this curugu has become a tourist attraction in Sukabumi, which are hits and many visitors of young people. The natural landscape around the waterfall is very beautiful and charming. The price of the ticket is very cheap, you only have to pay 5,000 rupiah per person. But unfortunately, to be closer to the waterfall, you have to rent a boat for a price of 60 thousand rupiah, which was provided by the manager. Therefore, family vacation is recommended in a very crowded manner.
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Sentral Kabandungan Waterfall 

Attractions in Sukabumi most hits this is located in Jayanegara Village Kebandungan Sukabumi District. This tourist destination is still very natural alias not many know. Natural scenery and shady trees around the Waterfall do not make this eye look tired. The tiredness of the journey seemed lost when she reached the scene.

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Sawer Waterfall 

This nuanced tourist attraction in Sukabumi is located in the tourist area of ​​Gunung Kadudampit, Sukabumi. Beautiful nature panorama and shady trees around the Waterfall make the atmosphere around the tourist attractions very cool and quiet. The entrance fee of Suger Sukabumi is very cheap, only 3 thousand rupiah per person. Various facilities are also very kumplit, while the tour packages around the Waterfall can be enjoyed together with the family of several villas built next door and you can rent for a price of 250-300 thousand rupiah per night. So do not forget to visit this Sawer waterfall well.

Panenjoan Cliff Tour

Sightseeing is on the rise in Sukabumi located in the village of Tamnajaya Ciemas Sukabumi District. The word panenjoan itself by locals is interpreted as the word tenjo, meaning to see. With a height of 250 mdpl cliff you can enjoy the natural scenery of the oceans and beaches in Sukabumi above the height. So with your partner you can take pictures here.
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Cimarinjung Waterfall 

Located in the village of Girmukti Ciletuh Sukabumik district, Waterfall or waterfall with a height of 45 meters presents a very beautiful landscape. Together with family, friends or your partner you can relax taking pictures and swimming can also be around the waterfalls. But unfortunately as a new natural tourist attraction in Sukabumi, access to the location of the Curgus is not easy. Its hidden space requires you to pass the Queen's Harbor and continue by boat for 30 minutes, then go through the path to get to the waterfall location. But the tired Pejalanan is paid for by the beauty of the natural scenery Waterfall Cimarinjung.

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Awang Waterfall 

The first tourist attraction in Sukabumi, the first to visit is Waterfall Awang. This tourist destination is located in Ciletuh Sukabumi district. This place contains a new tourist attractions in Sukabumi, natural scenery and natural exotic is still very beautiful and awake. With facilities, the manager offers some tour packages to Waterfall Awang at an affordable rate. Where from the data we receive can pay 700-800 thousand dollars per 8 people. The price is a very complete package price.

Cikaso Waterfall 

Located in the village of Cibitung Cibitung Cibitung in Sukabumi, Waterfall Cikaso offers an exceptional landscape. Beautiful natural landscape clean and beautiful and uniqueness curug with clear water will take you to a place you never imagined. Waterfall Cikaso tourist attractions are also quite new attractions in Sukabumi, its location is hidden and access roads that are not easy to do, have to be ready for energy and mentally if you want to visit this place. As for the ease of travel and for safety reasons, you can rent a Curgu Tour Guide by paying a one-time rental from IDR 50000 to IDR 70000. As for the ticket is also very cheap meriah only Dibandrol 2000 Rupiah only.
Hasil gambar untuk cikaso

Cibeurem Waterfall 

Attractions in Sukabumi most of these hits is located in the Gede Pangrango Sukabumi Regency National Park. Natural panorama in this Waterfall area is very nice, comfortable and quiet. Your Sukabumi, who did not come here, is very unhappy. The price of the ticket tourist curug Cibeureum slightly expensive, for the price of the entrance surface of 18,500 rupiah per person. For access to the location is very easy, you just have to go to the national park and walk, not only 500 meters from the park entrance to the waterfall.

Batu Bacan Lake

In the village of Bojongharjo, Cikembar Subdistrict Sukabumi, the Bacan Stone Tour offers exquisite exotic landscapes that you will unfortunately miss. Properties of green water and rocks around the lake make the landscape very perfect. From the data we get Lake Bacan is a former quarrying lake, which is managed by the local residents, but now it is no longer in operation. Over time, the unused mine is filled with water and is now a beautiful and exotic lake.
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Awesome Culture Travel Destination at Bogor Regency

 Sindangbarang Village

According to local wisdom, Bogor has had tourist attractions since the 12th century. Based on Bajaj Pajajaran and also written in Pantun Bogor, Sindang Barang is the palace where one of the wives of Siliwangi Prabu resides. This is the choice of cultural tourism destinations in Bogor for those of you who would like to get to know the local wisdom of the root roots that exist there. You can find a real house residential building, as Bogor tells in the past about Sindang Barang rhymes in the past. There is also a stage that presents the original art of Sunda, such as calung, gubrag traditional dances and angklung. Here you can see the image of the Sunda Kasepuhan in the past. There are a lot of interesting cultural tour packages in this place, live you can choose which one you like best.
Kampung Budaya Sindangbarang

Address: Jl. Endang Sumawijaya, Pasir Eurih Village, Tamansari Subdistrict, Bogor
Location: Click here
Entrance fee: free of charge, depending on the selected tour package

Safari Park Indonesia

This is the first safari park in Indonesia. Taman Safari Bogor is a popular destination for many travelers, especially family groups who picnic with children in Bogor. About 2,500 species of wildlife live in this park. You can drive through the park to observe the life of animals in their natural habitat. There is also a cable car, with which you can see the fauna in the park. At a place called Baby Zoo, you can take pictures of animals of various kinds. Admire Wild-Wild West in this park, a cowboy attraction with amazing sound effects. Bogor attractions this is one of the most popular holiday destinations are always busy family.
Berkeliling melihat-lihat satwa di Taman Safari Indonesia

Address: Jalan Raya Puncak no. 601, Cisarua, Bogor
Location: Click here
Entrance fee: about 140 thousand to 150 thousand per person

Nature Resort for Holidays in Bogor

Agrotourism Gunung Mas

This is one of the choice of tourist attractions in Bogor for those of you who like to enjoy the green carpet of tea plants from a height of 800 to 1200 meters above sea level. Horizon seen in Agro Wisata Gunung Mas is like a nice green carpet. Among the tea plants, some tea leaves see pickers, which contribute to the natural charm of this tourist attraction. There are many visitors who take photos with a green background tea gardens as well as the tea leaves picker. In addition, there are other interesting tourist activities in this place, such as fishing ponds, horseback riding, hot water baths.

Salah satu aktivitas menarik di Agro Wisata Gunung Mas
Address: Jl. Raya Puncak KM. 87, Cisarua, Bogor
Location: Click here
Entrance fee: about 10 thousand

Durian Warso Farm Garden

Durian Warso Farm Garden is a tourist resort in Bogor, recommended for lovers of agro-tourism activities and lovers of durian fruit. Warso Farm is a plantation of 8.5 ha and is a pioneer in agro-tourism durian in Indonesia. There are about 900 durian trees with varieties reaching 19 species of durian. In addition to travel and knowledge about durian, you can order and eat durian fruit dish at the site that was provided. Available in durian fruit bowl in the form of juice or eat it directly. If you want to bring Durian as a souvenir, you can ask the manager there.

Jangan lupa menyantap hidangan daging buah durian yang lezat

Address: Jl. KH. Halimi, village Cihedeung, Kec. Cipelang, Bogor
Location: Click here
Admission: free

Family Vacation Destination Near Bogor City

Ethnobotany Museum

Museum, founded since 1982 by Menristek B.J. Habibie had at that time a collection of about 1,700 objects with their respective numbering and exhibited them in a glass chamber. These objects are samples used by researchers in various fields when studying the relationship between indigenous tribes of a region in the archipelago with the plants around it. In the Ethnobotany Museum you will get a lot of knowledge about different uses of plants from different tribes of Indonesia. One of them is tribal clothing in Indonesia from plants. Bogor tourist attraction of this is very useful for students and the wider community who want to explore the knowledge about the relationship between plants and tribes.

Museum Etnobotani Bogor
Address: Jl. Ir. Hajj Djuanda no. 22, Bogor
Location: Click here
Entrance fee: about 3 thousand

Mekarsari tourist park

Mekarsari Park stands on an area of ​​264 hectares and is the largest orchard in Indonesia with a collection of about 1,470 varieties of fruit trees and 100,000 trees. As one of the favorites of family vacation in Bogor, Mekarsari Park brings the concept of conservation, reforestation, education and recreation. You can walk around this park and observe a collection of fruit plants from around the world using the train. There is also a lake where you can try the game Banana Boat, Goose Water, Aqua Bike, Floating Donut. Outbound activities with family members can be enjoyed at Mekarsari Tourist Park. There are interesting tour packages, such as Family Camp or Family Biking Camp, and so on.

Water Kingdom Taman Wisata Mekarsari

Address: Jln. Raya Cileungsi - Jonggol, Cileungsi district, Bogor
Location: Click here
Entrance fee: about 25 thousand

Nature Outbond Location near Jakarta

Riung Gunung Park

Located in the Puncak region of Bogor, this park is for those who enjoy green tea around the garden, a walk to enjoy and a breath of fresh air. Because of its position, which is located at an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level, Mount Riung Park is also one of the places to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the tea garden from a height. Not only that, in Riung Gunung there is a children's playground, swimming pools and family campsite outdoors. Do you want to play Flying Fox? You can explore it. In this tourist resort in Bogor, you can visit a simple, near-natural concept inn in the middle of the tea garden. For his position, you can easily find it. If you are traveling from Jakarta, then the place is Riung Park Mountain after the attraction Gunung Mas is located in front of Puncak Pass.
Berjalan-jalan di Taman Riung Gunung

Address: Jln. Raya Puncak Bogor, Cisarua, Bogor
Location: Click here
Entrance fee: about 5 thousand

9th inscription stone

Slate inscription is a relic of the Kingdom of Pajajaran 1521-1535 during the reign of Surawisesa over the years. Surawisesa is one of the sons of Prabu Siliwangi. In this rock there are sentences written in the ancient Sundanese language and script. The main purpose of this inscription is the greatness of King Siliwangi, to commemorate the Kingdom of Pajajaran. Not only that, in the tourist Bogor you can expect Batu Tread (footsteps King Surawisesa), stone table the former site of the deals on every occasion, stone former backrest throne for the king, was sworn in, the stone phallus, and the five milestones Of stone, is punakawan (watchman) from rock phallus.
Menapak jejak kaki Prabu Surawisesa di Prasasti Batu Tulis
Address: Jl. Writing stone. 54, Batutulis, Bogor
Location: Click here
Admission: free, only vehicle parking fee

Culture Park Sentul

Having fun and a different atmosphere while enjoying a variety of food are some things to look for in a tour. As one of the tourist attractions in Bogor, right in Sentul City, you can experience a fun tourist experience in Sentul Cultural Park. This park is an option for family recreation in Sentul Bogor. On a large area camps and meetings are in a pleasant atmosphere. For children, the Sentul Cultural Park provides an interactive space for children to paint, batik and ceramics at the local Culture Center exhibition. In addition, your family or group of tourists can enjoy various activities such as boarding, paintball, fun games and trekking. There is a selection of rides and attractions to choose from.
Banyak aktivitas seru lainnya di Taman Budaya Sentul
Address: Jl. Siliwangi no. 1, city of Sentul, Babakan Madang, Bogor
Location: Click here
Entrance fee: free, only for tickets